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Uncanny Nostalgia  「异样的怀乡」

Childhood Memories and Imaginary Cityscapes

Feiyue Chen, Yalun Li
Independent Publication exhibited abC Art Book in China 2021

This art book is an exploration of “home.” It is a collection of childhood memoirs of Chinese millennials and a reflection upon modern metropolis. The psychological space of “home” exists between reality, imagination, memory, and dreams, consolidating oppositions. We hope to address it in personal and fictional ways.

Nostalgia is the pain(algos) of unable to return to home(nostos). In Part I, eight childhood home spaces compose a collective memory at the turn of the century. Uncanny, or unheimlich (not-at-home-ness), is the uneasiness in the most familiar setting. In Part II, tales about four fictional cities embody our thoughts on modern urban lives.


“怀乡”一词指的是由于无法归乡而产生的痛苦。在第一部分,八个童年空间构成了一个关于世纪之交的集体记忆。 “异样”一词指的是即便身处居所之中,但内心未得到安宁的生活状态。第二部分,四个虚构故事构成了对当代城市生活的反思。