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Rêverie 3.0 | 空想3.0

Internet, Images, and AI

Yalun Li, Feiyue Chen, Team Member of Artist Yan Lei
Ars Electronica 2019

Medium: 16 screens, 1 router, 1 server, software program, 16 rotating motors, 16 tripods, steel, cables
Dimension: 2485mm (height) x 4810 mm (length) x 3905 (width)

16 monitors slowly rotate, constantly showing images from the same cloud system. Images displayed are uploaded by worldwide audiences. The software calculates the average RGB color of the uploaded images and transfers the imagery contents into descriptive text using an artificial intelligent system. Therefore, the screens display three images in the following sequence: the original uploaded image, the average RGB color image, and the image of descriptive text with the background of the average RGB color.

Rêverie 3.0 team

Concept: YAN Lei
Producer: LI Yalun, CHEN Feiyue
Technology Advisor: LI Zhuran
Software Programming: CECTI Co.,Ltd
Hardware and Mechanical Structure: LIU Ping, WANG Feng