Uncanny Nostalgia

Paperback, 2021
118 pages, 105g matte paper, Otabind 190*250mm

The psychological space of“ home” exists between reality, imagination, memory, and dreams, consolidating oppositions. This art book is an exploration of“ home” and“ homeland.” It is a collection of childhood memoirs of Chinese millennials and a reflection upon modern metropolis, addressing it in personal and fictional ways. Nostalgia is the pain of unable to return to home. 

In Part I, eight childhood home spaces compose a collective memory at the turn of the century. Uncanny, or unheimlich, is the uneasiness in the most familiar setting. In Part II, tales about four fictional cities embody our thoughts on modern urban lives.

Other participating artists in Part I: LUO Sen, WU Yue, LI Ruozhu, GU Jiafeng, HU Lin, LIU Yanjun

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