Rooted in an anonymous residential building in Mexico, one that has been lived in, earthquake-destroyed, abandoned and restored for 70 years, this film borrows “wrinkles” as a conceptual thread to investigate the aging of architecture. Dancing between observation and imagination, it explores the camera as a spatial tool to braid embodied data with empirical research, and manifests itself in an experimental film. From matters to actions, between structures and bodies, an alternative literacy is composed that breaks the binary of before/after in architecture design, and constructs a collective authorship that dwells in the easily unaccountable acts of everyday care.

We need to be better observers before we can become better designers. Living in a world that is saturated with modernism buildings boomed in the last century, which have, to different extents, started to show signs of crumbling, it is crucial for us to reflect the existing built environment and question - how do we live together? Solutionism is not the offering, but rather, an outlook for re-discovering architecture as life-long projects.

This video work internationally awarded in film festivals including Venice Architecture Film Festival, Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, etc.

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